Hong Kong Education (Int’l) Investments Limited is a leading provider of chained educational services in Hong Kong and is the first company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the industry. We offer arrays of quality educational programmes and services to serve students of different age groups and with different needs. Our services ranging from pre-school education, primary and secondary tutoring class, creative and critical mind training, secondary day school education, English language training and International test preparation courses, overseas studies consultation and study programmes cooperated with overseas universities as well as to cover tertiary education and vocational training. We provide quality private education services under well recognized brands, namely “Modern Education”, “Modern Day School”, “Modern Bachelor Education”, “Modern English”, “Modern Overseas Studies”, “Creative Education Technology”, “Compass College”, “Bridal Academy” and “M‧CPD”.

We believe our brands, “Modern Education”, in particular, is one of the leading brands in Hong Kong's private education services sector. This is evidenced by its recognition as a “Trusted Brand” awarded by the Reader’s Digest consecutively for three years in 2008, 2009 and 2010; this “Trusted Brand” recognition was given to the prominent service provider in the industry basing on the customer surveys conducted by the Reader’s Digest during the relevant period. Amongst all of the private education services providers in Hong Kong, we were one of the only two institutions being awarded with this recognition.

“Modern Education” was voted as “The Best for Home 10-11” in a survey organized by the Take me Home Community Post in 2010. “The Best for Home 10-11” Award was given basing on the votes cast by readers of the Take me Home Community Post. Out of all the private education service providers in Hong Kong, we were the only institution given this award in 2010. During 2011-2012, we gained a number of recognitions in Hong Kong, including the award as the Premium Education Services Provider in “The Best Performance Company Awards 2011” organized by the Capital Weekly, the “President’s Award” by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, the award of “Best IT Application System” in the HKGolden IT Awards 2012 by HKGolden, the award of “Hong Kong Star Brands Award 2012 (Enterprise)” by Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and the “Caring Company Logo” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our commitment in Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment.

To extend our mission to provide quality education services into Greater China, since 2012, we have provided consultation and management services to four high schools in Guangdong province - Shaoguan No. 1 High School, Guangdong Jiangmen No. 1 High School, Guangming High School and Zhong Shan Overseas Chinese Middle School. Leveraging on our expertise in operating test preparation courses on international tests and examinations, we had helped these schools to set up their own international high school programmes. These courses are operating and helping the local Chinese students to prepare themselves in pursuing higher education in overseas.

The Group has strived to provide quality educational service by broadening the existing service portfolio through teaming up with talents in the markets. In 2013, we have found good partners in Hong Kong and Taiwan; we acquired and set up respective JV companies to expand our educational services into kindergarten management, creative mind training and vocational training.