Primary Tutoring Services, Skill Courses and Test Preparation Courses

Our primary tutoring services, skill courses and test preparation courses are mainly offered in the learning centres under the brand of “Modern Bachelor Education” (“MBE Centres”) or the learning centres run by our franchisees (“MBE Franchised Centres”) that commenced operations since 1 January 2011. Most of the full-time teachers in our MBE Centres are bachelor degree holders. We offer educational services, all in a “small class” setting, include supervising and tutoring on day-to-day schoolwork and helping to improve students’ performance in internal school examinations for primary school students from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

We believe students at younger age require greater attention from tutors to guide them in focusing on their work. As such, it is crucial to maintain a “small class” setting for our primary tutoring services, skill courses and test preparation courses in order to deliver high quality services efficiently.

To serve the extra learning need of some students, the MBE Centres have enriched service range by offering popular test preparation courses, such as Cambridge Young Learners’ English Tests, Olympic Mathematics, Pearson Test of English, GAPSK certificate classes and TOEFL Junior. We have been cooperating with a well-known learning centre and running interview preparation classes for students targeting for the application to renowned secondary schools.

As of 30 June 2013, there were 9 directly owned MBE Centres and 24 MBE franchised Centres under the brand of “Modern Bachelor Education” in Hong Kong. Inside China, we opened our first directly owned MBE Centre in Shenzhen, China in May 2013. Two more MBE Centres are being planned to be opened in Shenzhen in the coming 12 months.